Season Three: Bikram

Season Three: Bikram Episode 5

Members of the Bikram community wrestle with Bikram’s behavior, their own complicity, and grapple with the question, “Can Bikram the yoga be separated from Bikram the man?”

33 mins

Season Three: Bikram Episode 4

As Bikram’s darkest behaviors begin to emerge, the community devoted to his yoga is forced to face the truth about its leader.

45 mins

Season Three: Bikram Episode 3

Bikram claims ownership over his brand of yoga using increasingly hardball tactics. Julia investigates the roots of yoga to try to separate what is true from what is false in Bikram’s story.

48 mins

Season Three: Bikram Episode 2

Bikram spreads his brand of hot yoga through teacher trainings, where he puts his most devoted followers through nine weeks of intense suffering and begins to reveal the complexities of his character.

37 mins

Season Three: Bikram Episode 1

Bikram Choudhury begins his journey to fame, wealth, and scandal in 1970s Los Angeles. He takes Beverly Hills by storm, using his Hollywood connections and rags-to-riches origin story to build a devoted following and lay the foundation for a yoga empire.

42 mins (Photo by Guy Webster)